Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Costumes for Shakespeare Rocks

Shakespeare Rocks

N.B. Please source your costume from your own wardrobe and by borrowing items from family and friends. Also note that we will make ruffs in school to go with some of the costumes.


Aubrey, Al and Dee
Loose shirt (black, white or one solid colour) with sleeves rolled up.
Slim trousers rolled up and worn with canvas sneakers (no socks).
Sunglasses or flat cap on head. Beard optional. Think hipster cool.

Hairdresser (Viola)
Black jeans or leggings,
plain t-shirt in any bold colour (school can provide T-shirt).

Anne, Judith and Susanna
Long skirt (any colour, any pattern), blouse or plain t-shirt tucked in,
pulled in at the waist with belt or sash, sneakers (canvas if possible)
no socks, hair up in a bun.

Flat cap, white shirt, waistcoat or braces, shorts and sneakers (canvas if possible), no socks

Will (1, 2 and 3)
Full sleeved white or cream gypsy style shirt with open neck, dark trousers (not denim, but black skinny jeans okay and black leggings okay), trousers tucked in to knee high dark boots in black or tan. (black wellies would do at a push!) 
Will 3 needs a blonde wig.
(Think Wesley from Princess Bride without the mask and wearing a white shirt instead of a black one).

Full sleeved coloured shirt (not white or cream) with open neck, dark trousers (not denim, but black skinny jeans okay and black leggings okay), trousers tucked in to knee high dark boots in black or tan. (Black wellies would do at a push!) 

Rapping Minstrels (Margaret, Matthew, Myles, Mary)
Bright tops, single colour hoodies, trackies or jeans, trainers, sunglasses and baseball caps.
Amusing gold medallion jewellery.

Fans  (Agnes, Alice, Amy, Audrey, Adam, Annabel. Avis, Arthur, Ambrose, Anna)
Colourful clothes of any sort to create an over the top look e.g. bright shorts, bright shirt and sunglasses OR bright skater dress, stripy knee high socks and hi-tops.
Crazy wigs welcome!

Baggy long-sleeved shirt/blouse, velvet jacket or similar smart look, belt,
Trousers tucked into knee-high boots, cape.

Baggy long-sleeved shirt/blouse belted at waist,
Skinny trousers or leggings tucked into knee-high boots (or dark wellies), OR baggier trousers tucked into knee high socks and black shoes. Could add silver buckles (card & tin foil) for extra touch.

Men dressed as women
Wigs or hair (if long enough) in bunches with bows and ribbons. Beards and OTT make up.
Dress or skirt and top. Should look like the clothes are slightly on the small side. Long skirts. Handbags. Dressing up dresses would look good. We’re aiming for over the top looks!

Women dressed as men dressed as women
Much less over the top than the men dressed as women. Should look tasteful and like the clothes fit them and suit them. Nice dresses. No wigs.

Actors and Actor Fans (Jeremy, Joyce, Judy, Jill, Leonard, Clement, Timothy, Gregory, Walter)
‘Period costume’. Loose shirts or long sleeve tops, belts or sashes at the waist, skinny trousers or leggings, knee high boots (wellies at a push), capes.

All black.

Groupies (Donald, Debs, Dennis, Dwayne)
‘Period costume’. Loose shirts or long sleeve tops, belts or sashes at the waist, skinny trousers or leggings, knee high boots (wellies at a push), capes. Debs- long skirt or dress also fine for you.

Painters (Powell, Parry, Parnell, Penny)
Dressed like artists with black berets and stripy tops.
Rolled up trousers, jeans or leggings, sneakers (canvas if possible) with no socks.

Queen Elizabeth
Hair up in a high bun, tight t-shirt with neck ruff attached so that it sits high and long skirt, or long full dress, pearls and beads, sneakers (canvas if possible) and a crown. (We can make ruff in school.)

Street and the builders (Barnaby, Bartholomew)
Jeans, boots or wellies, plain t-shirt in any bold colour, high viz vest, hard hat.
(School can provide plain coloured T-short and high viz vest if need be.)

Apple Seller and Beer Seller
White shirt/blouse with full sleeves (like Will’s),
apron with string tied around the front of the waist,
baggy trousers tucked into knee high socks and sneakers.

Beth, Babs, Beryl and the Sorcerers
(Marmaduke, Vincent, Sybill, Christabell, titus, Humphrey, Grissell, Dorcas, Prudence, Betella, Ab, Ra, Ca, Dab, Ra)
Black dresses or long skirts with black T-shirt/long sleeved top,
sneakers (black gym shoes if possible), hair messy and down/loose, dark sunglasses,
witches hats (although not essential). Black cloak or tartan scarf would be good but not essential.

Baggy long-sleeved shirt, belt, dark trousers, boots

Grey top, Dark trousers, sword, knight’s dressing-up helmet

Grey top, Dark trousers, sword, knight’s dressing-up helmet

Long shirt belted at the waist, leggings, boots, leather jacket or cape.

A white dress in any style. It could be a beach cover up dress, a long slip dress, a night-dress, a summer dress. Ideally in a plain white fabric, but could have a pattern if it still looked white overall.

Minstrels (Ha, Ho, Hee, Hoo) and Lute Player and Recorder Player
Dress completely in black.
Shirts, t-shirts or vests. Leggings, trousers or jeans.
Boots or trainers. But all should be black.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Reading Conference Model

Super model of the dog from My Friend Walter, well done Skye!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Prisoners of War Trip - P7B

Another great trip today, this time to the castle to learn how and why prisoners of war made crystal radio sets. We made our own crystal radios (in groups) - they actually worked! After that we listened to some morse code and worked out what the message was.

Dressing up as a WW2 soldier who had become a Prisoner of War.

The POWs might have had to eat stale bread...

or raw potatoes...

or grass...

or even rats!

We wound fine wire around a cylinder to create a coil:

When the radio set was finished we used earphones to listen to the broadcast:

Time to decode a message in morse code (played four times slower than it would have been AND we were able to repeat each letter as often as we wanted).

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

East Fortune - P7B

What a wonderful day we had at the Museum of Flight today. Glorious weather, lots to see, and a super attitude form everyone in P7B!

We began the trip by exploring some of the exhibits:

A good opportunity to practise using three figure bearings!

It's not easy to lace something up when you're wearing thick gloves:

 Exploring the site map:

Watching a short film:

Dressing up in the education centre:

'Marching' in 'formation' over to our lunch stop:

The Concorde Experience:

A quick game of Fox and Rabbit while we wait for the last class to arrive at the buses: